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Trawöger Spedition und Transport GmbH (DE-Cologne)



At our settlement in Cologne we offer the following services:

  • Transports (Full- and Partloads) from Germany to Great Britain, and from Great Britain to Germay.
  • Express transport national and international, from 1 palett up to full loads, even with 2 drivers if needed
  • 800 m2 (warehousing, storage and picking)


All vehicles can be followed in real-time on the computer with a multitude of information. The innovative TrackNav–System from Comtec allows information to be seen at the press of a button, about the current location, previous driving patterns, rests, traffic jams etc. without additional verbal contact with the driver.

Trawöger Spedition und Transport GmbH
Ettore-Bugatti-Strasse 39
DE-51149 Köln

Telefon: +49 2203-981320
Fax: +49 2203-1047426
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