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Our Fleet is continuously being upgraded and so meets the latest technical standards. Even with the servicing and maintenance of the vehicles, no compromises are made. Therefore, delays caused by technical faults are extremely rare.

As we exclusively acquire quality vehicles with the highest level of equipment, there is a Europe-wide interest in our used vehicles. We keep our fleet new to please both our drivers and customers.

The bigger part of our fleet is based since 2004 because of financial reasons, caused through the eastern enlargement, with our joint venture companies in Hungary and Slovakia and is still operated on the same quality standards.

Standard Equipment on all vehicles:

  • Load safety equipment (15 straps 2500DAN, boards, chains etc.)
  • Security curtains
  • Code XL certified trailers
  • Air suspension
  • GSM drivers mobile
  • Satellite-Tracking system (by Electronic Control) on all vehicles (Tracking also possible for customers)